Lustrous and Dazzling

Gas Station

I saw them standing on the roof of a car gas station shed, dreaming like no one had ever dreamed before. They jumped, waved their hands, shouted in silence, and then the shed rose from the ground and slowly rose. I saw two or three policemen holding the supporting pillars and flying up with the shed. Little by little, they climbed upward, and the shed suddenly flew flat and away, and soon disappeared from sight.

However, it did not take long for the police to return with the shed.

"Today's college entrance examination, no one can run!"

Returning Rural Home

The path up the mountain was rugged. Walking high and low on the sandy, fleshy yellow earth vacated between unknown greenery. Finally we arrived at the grocery store.

"Have you made the covid test?"

"Not yet!"

The middle-aged old man stared at my father and me, as if confirming something.

"Come on in, the seeds and fertilizer are over there."

The Dragon

It was supposed to be a simple sparring match, but I didn't expect them to miss. Blood flowed down from the brother's chest, and his body fell backwards, falling off the bridge into the river.

The sister was anxious, and without any words, she drew her sword and cut off the three men, and fell asleep at the stone table.

When she woke up, the three men were sitting around her.

"We dragons are immortal!"

One of them laughed.