Lustrous and Dazzling

Gas Station

I saw them standing on the roof of a car gas station shed, dreaming like no one had ever dreamed before. They jumped, waved their hands, shouted in silence, and then the shed rose from the ground and slowly rose. I saw two or three policemen holding the supporting pillars and flying up with the shed. Little by little, they climbed upward, and the shed suddenly flew flat and away, and soon disappeared from sight.

However, it did not take long for the police to return with the shed.

"Today's college entrance examination, no one can run!"

Returning Rural Home

The path up the mountain was rugged. Walking high and low on the sandy, fleshy yellow earth vacated between unknown greenery. Finally we arrived at the grocery store.

"Have you made the covid test?"

"Not yet!"

The middle-aged old man stared at my father and me, as if confirming something.

"Come on in, the seeds and fertilizer are over there."

The Dragon

It was supposed to be a simple sparring match, but I didn't expect them to miss. Blood flowed down from the brother's chest, and his body fell backwards, falling off the bridge into the river.

The sister was anxious, and without any words, she drew her sword and cut off the three men, and fell asleep at the stone table.

When she woke up, the three men were sitting around her.

"We dragons are immortal!"

One of them laughed.

Intelligent Robot Library

Walking through the library, outside the floor-to-ceiling windows is the desert yellow sand. Several large-sized machine spiders slowly move forward.

The library shelves are protected by glass, and each book is a one-time experience to absorb.

I looked for where the power was in the flickering light - cut the power and turn off the protection!

From the second floor came the voice of a friendly man.

"I thought there was very clean glass here, but I didn't think there was really any."


"Didn't you guys feel it?"

"The water in this swimway is so hot, like taking a bath."

"Let's go in the bath together!"

A group of about ten of us went into the unopened sauna.

They gathered together, and I was alone with rrc.

Spiraling down from a height of about ten meters might be considered a game, but I didn't see an exit below before.

Was it a grindstone? Or was it a dark pool?

Hongmen Banquet

The chef invited all meat-eaters to the feast.

Warmly received one by one, and most of the meat-eaters arrived together, unwilling to wait.

If you don't want to wait, just go straight to the door and walk across that long red carpet.

♪ (Stop them --) ♪

It's too late, about to appear in the flashing lights and make a scandal.

Without seeing blood, without making a sound, the limbs fall off and go in the trash.

The face is saved, the big fight breaks out; what's the point of all the previous efforts when you tear your face off?

Blood Red Goose

A vast earthen pit lake with countless critters rising and falling.

I am the blood-red, blood-red goose, called to this place to fight with the king.

Becoming the only one in this place, I walked under the willow trees on the lake and talked with the elders.

"There is still a long time to grow ......"

A new blood-red goose descends.

"It seems that an unknown challenger has come, never before, what about the fight for the one and only ......"

Wake Up

The entrance to the school was exactly the earthen pit lake.

My classmates accepted their assignments and headed out into the dimly lit lake.

Some took the excavator to dig; some dug with shovels; some went in the excavator and broke down in the middle, so they walked back with one step deep and one shallow footprint end

"Stop - don't do that!" I said to their steward.

"They only care about your labor, bringing more surplus value to themselves.

-- it's pointless, don't keep obeying!"

They cast a confused look.

"Only we, ourselves, can decide what we shall to do! We ought to work for ourselves!"


Small cramped room, the size of a few toilet pits, the

white partitions, a medium-sized white tile floor that

Next to the alcove where I don't know what will flow.

The door was closed, if anyone had walked by.

The ankles were already chained.

And two or three people were imprisoned in this small place like a toilet like a bathroom.

Unarmed, pondering, how to escape?


In an era of advanced technology, there are always people who are uprooted

Because this fate is born unjust, because this wealth always gather above

She joined the game of small worlds, lost her place, lost the ability to return to the reality

Her efforts and struggles have become a currency of less than one unit

To provide for her former father

Her fate, born as a commodity, has been set the bargaining chips


I was born that way, a sharp thorn in the flesh and blood hideous

I don't want to expose myself to others because only a few can agree

In high houses, at the bottom of wells, in the noisy streets, at the railings under the winter sun

Everyone wears different masks, disguising and hiding their own kinds of things

I am tired of hiding under the mask all day long.

Let go of it!

I realized that the FC people around me are the same as me.

Although the sacrifice is the loss of all other friends and family from the past


A relaxing quarantine like a tourist vacation.

In the small residential-like washroom, there is a large bathtub on one side and a sink on the other

Smoothly polished marble floor like a mirror, warm soft light

"Come here, the door is open for ya."

Turn around and walk out of the small room, only to be suddenly transformed into a dilapidated hall

The wooden floor in disrepair was unevenly stained with black stains and chipped corners

Weeds were even growing in the urinal

Is the dormitory building, three or two people came in gradually towards the consciousness can not focus on the place now.

"In spite of this, let him come here."