Letter to The Young

It is time for me to talk about my undergraduate life, which has passed so quickly. Although I have been involved in many activities and work, I feel that I am not qualified to "advise on college planning". It is better to talk about the memory of the past, and talk about the ideal of better behavior. Looking back on these four years of groping, there are always a thousand words, all kinds of thoughts haunting, difficult to express. After thinking about it for a long time, in a nutshell, I think it should be "know yourself, act freely".

In my humble opinion, there are three realms of professional learning: first, a proper attitude, quality and quantity of coursework, which is the most basic requirement; second, the application of learning, knowledge internalization and migration to practical applications, which is a slightly higher level; third, diligent questioning, explore the direction of development of the field, which is the highest level, but also reached the foundation of scientific research. Nowadays, the popular "king of the volume" and "the lousy" are more like all kinds of jokes in the first realm, which are just shallow efforts and slacking off before reaching the shallow level. I still hope to explore more, accumulate more, and think more while I am young.

Regarding club activities, it's just doing something with a group of people who have similar hobbies. Out of my love for ping pong and my major studies, I worked as an officer in the publicity department and the research and development department of the Ping Pong Association in my freshman year, and stayed as the head of these two departments in my sophomore year. I didn't have a lot of work to do because I was not a top-tier organization like the Tide. It was a good thing to balance study and after-school activities, to meet some friends, and to do some club work when there was not much pressure from the junior class. Changing campuses and coming to Yuquan was a big turning point. I stepped down from the two clubs, and with the idea of "doing something for the college", I switched to doing some student work for the college. The environment in Yuquan is also more peaceful than that in Zijingang, without the "impetuous" atmosphere before, which is more suitable for "inward" thinking about oneself.

About going on to graduate school, it was actually a bit surprising. I've always had a low opinion of myself, especially in my sophomore year when I came up one place short of the pacesetter selection, and I was not ranked in the top five of my major for three years, which once made me so anxious that I bought a full set of study materials for my exams, intending to finally go to graduate school. The actual fact is that the way to calculate the performance point of the study is different from the way to calculate the scholarship, and then the interview score is not too low, so the review materials bought did not come in handy. So I hope that students who are still anxious don't get nervous and just do their own thing seriously. I joined the lab work from last summer, and it is really much busier than the first three years, so I hope that students who wish to go on to higher education will prepare in advance and contact their preferred teachers to join the lab work as soon as possible.

Regarding daily life, it is very important to find the right way to regulate your emotions. There are often people on Doduo who show off their performance points, public numbers often push some "it's too late if you don't xxx" articles, and parents occasionally compare their children to others ...... which often invariably add to the anxiety. In addition to their own sometimes also in touch with the fish, associated with "better than you people than you also hard work", and out of nowhere on some more guilt. If you find yourself in these negative emotions, you may want to meet a few friends on weekends to hike, hike; do some interesting projects; stay away from social media, read more paper books, write articles, free from peer pressure, it will be much better. In addition, instead of comparing yourself to some "virtual" "role models", you should try to build quality social relationships with the right people around you.

Looking back on the teachers I have met over the past four years, I am most impressed by Ms. Liang. She once said, "The difference between an extrovert and an introvert is not whether he is talkative or not, but where he gets the 'energy' to continue his work. If a person is still glowing after attending a party with many people, he is extroverted; while if he feels exhausted, he is more inclined to be introverted." As a student at the School of Accountancy, one may have the stereotypical self-perception of a "silent 'autistic child'" from time to time, but according to Mr. Liang's thinking, it is also possible to be just a "non-verbal 'socially awkward'". Therefore, there is no need to be discouraged about your social skills because you are not very sociable. For me, it is more important to use this time to try to walk some untraveled paths, to have a clear understanding of myself, and to discover my strengths and weaknesses. Acknowledging my own flaws is the only way to improve and avoid some anxiety and confusion that comes from nowhere.

A thousand words are just one family's words, each person's path has a different landscape. Use these few years to identify yourself and do something meaningful, that is, to live up to your youth, to live up to your youth.