Dusk Reflections

Today's first attempt to brew some tea bags, is before the roommate from outside to bring back the tea color. When working with headphones playing a little BGM.

Perhaps the task is more clearly arranged, purely to write code? Or is the tea has a refreshing effect? Or BGM to relax the spirit? Or maybe it's a change in the direction of the desktop computer screen stand, so that the phone away from their own? It's been a long time since I've been so focused on writing code that I didn't realize I was supposed to go to dinner until 16:50 (it had been 16:30 before).

When I think about the previous thinking about writing a pwn problem, and now I am sleepy and inefficient when I work, what is the essential difference? It may be that pwn is a kind of work where the result is known and the method is certain; while scientific research is more like a dark road of groping, not knowing whether the task you do has meaning, effect, or innovation. The lack of certainty about the goal, and in the unknown in the stagnant or even reverse, is indeed a very painful thing.

In early spring, coinciding with the Qingming Festival, there are many people in the circle of friends and space to share their photos and the fun of traveling together. I could smell the fresh smell of grass and trees on the way to the cafeteria, which made me glow again. Compared to the winter when the smell is cut off, it is a rare blessing to me that the smell and odor come from time to time in the spring and summer.

Recently, in addition to work, I also go to read some tweets. It is said that modern people have been deprived of a lot of time by cell phones, and it seems that the fragmented time after work can only be used in this way to passively receive some messages. I also try to get away from my phone and put my attention to the work at hand, paper books and the world around me. Checking my phone from time to time has become a compulsion, but seeing no little red dots on WeChat is a lot easier, at least this time is at my own disposal.

Quite a long time ago, I noticed that my ability to express myself verbally and in writing was declining rapidly, probably because there were no school courses to attend, and I was exposed to less and less information about language and literature, and was overwhelmed by the turbulent flow of professional-specific, field-related, and miscellaneous fragmented messages. Instead of actively thinking about something, one passively receives information without even judging it; and not having some friends who can share anything and everything with impunity, anytime and anywhere, is really a crippling experience on a spiritual level.

Although living in heavy shackles, I feel more and more free these days. I don't know if it's a change of heart or a sign of "maturity". Some things can be said casually, no longer have to be hidden like before. Maybe this is the fun of having something to say. The modern society is really getting stranger and stranger.