Margin with people

Finally I caught up with the end of August and wrote this article in the Life Series. When I think about it, it seems that this month has passed too quickly and there are no wonderful moments worth sharing. When I look at August, it stretches like an eternity; but once I look away, this eternity of countless moments also falls apart and disappears. What disappears together is the awareness of the unconscious. Those sounds and colors, light and heat, sometimes high and sometimes low self-awareness, sometimes full and sometimes lacking passion for life, all slowly fermenting in the humid heat of Hangzhou, rising in the cicadas and converging over the city.

Although I refuse to give myself a few days of summer vacation, my mind is already connected to countless people from far away. Even if you are moving around in a small space, you can take advantage of the internet stream to travel to the sky, and interact with countless virtual human beings, forgetting all about them, not knowing which year it is. The cheaper the cost of communication, the more shallow the benefits of communication; the more you meet with countless virtual human beings, the more moments are consumed, corrupted, and finally eliminated.

There is still some art in talking to people. Recognize what level the other person is, what level you are, and whether you are on an equal footing in the conversation. It is not necessary to change two new faces to "differentiate" because of the status of the superiority, but the ease and self-congratulation of the conversation should really grasp the proportion. Understand what their needs are, what the other party's needs are, and whether they can do some effective communication, after all, everyone's time is limited.

The strings and the words are elusive. A point into the small-minded impatience, a point back is the isolation of self-regard. The heart will be able to smile, do not understand the really depressed, half-understanding the misunderstanding of the two sides, reached "their" "consensus", for after the mine, it is not good for both sides. That is why it is necessary to "double-check and repeat", and it would be better if you could give one or two examples.

Hope should also be restrained. To throw yourself away and put all your future into others is not responsible for yourself. The subtlety of "self-consciousness" itself is inscrutable and not worth mentioning in the grand cosmic perspective. When one occasionally gets a glimpse of reincarnation while traveling in heaven and earth, it is enough to make one's heart and soul horrified and lost in the vastness, unable to stop for a long time.

The edge with people, but a period of time of eagerness, and then can not be permanent. The plain as water edge, even if it is not contacted after several years, can be as familiar as the first casual chat one or two, is enough. In the world but a hundred years, the end of the silence is the final place to return.